Twister 4m



The Twister is an excellent choice for pilots who want that bit extra from their models; it will preform aerobatics across the slope and maintain good lift in thermals when flying from the flat. This model has a two-piece wing with a massive quadrangular wing joiner, which also becomes the ballast tube and can carry a further 1.2 kg of weight if required. If you decide you would like to use an electric motor in this model there is enough room for a 6 cell lipo and any motor up to 40mm diameter. This model is supplied with a Carbon wing, elevator and rudder with a combination of Carbon and Kevlar in the fuselage. The model has a double walled cabin for protection of your radio system, with a choice of canopy, transparent carbon (not recommended if you want to keep the 2.4 aerials inside the fuselage) a silver reflective glass canopy to reflect sunlight to keep the radio system cooler or a standard glass canopy sprayed with a colour of your choice.

The wing is supplied with an LDS system with extra shaft bearing for your servos; this system is used to maintain pure aerodynamics without any protrusions. The standard LDS system is supplied for 6mm servo shafts and M3 screws – special order can be made for 5mm shaft and M2.5 screws

For this model there is available, wing and tail protection covers made from lined silver foil, as well as for transport protection these help with protection from heat in the sun. More information on these bags can be found in the Accessories section of the web site.