Sharon 4,2m



X-tail version

V-tail version

The concept of the Sharon is very successful since a long time. So we did build a new edition of the Sharon with a wingspan of 4,2m and a bigger fuselage in order to offer the hobby pilot a highly flexible airplane. The Sharon 4200 is perfect in Winch launching as well as slope gliding. We managed to inherit the overall performance of the initial Sharon to this edition. Through the new and larger fuselage it is possible to install even high power electric motors with a battery of 5S or more. With this additional weight the Sharon 4200 even increases his dynamic without suffering in Thermal performance. With the three part wing we managed to keep the transport size in a reasonable range. Its shipping dimensions are: 180x39x10cm.

And for storage and carrying we offer our transport bag, which gives even more protection and is supplied with straps so can be carried like a Rucksack over your shoulders , or by handles like a case. More information can be found in the Accessories section of the website.