SH Ventus C 3,9m



The Ventus 2C is built to 1:4,5 scale and looks very realistic both on the ground and in flight. This model will satisfy the most demanding scale pilots and preforms very well in thermal conditions despite its heavy wing loading. The Ventus has a very thin wing section so will fly well in up to 10m/s wind speeds, but will keep coming when landing so is equipped with classic airbrakes, which in combination with the flaps will slow the model when required to a perfect landing on to it’s retractable undercarriage which can be fitted as an extra.

This model can also be fitted with a ‘FES’ electric motor system, which can be hidden behind a scale nose cone hiding the motor shaft, for a scale look and slope flying, for Electric assisted flight remove the cone and fit a folding propeller and fly from flat field sites with ease.

The Model in standard (GFK) build is suitable for aerobatics, rapid flybys and rolls and loops. For more extreme flying the Carbon D-box or full Carbon version is recommended especially if flying from 1000 meter plus hill tops, there is a slight weight penalty (120/230 grams) but more durability, please see the video.