Latté/Macchiato 2,9m



The Latte is designed as a sports glider and is suitable for slope flying including dynamic flight, it’s available with two versions of tail, either ‘V’ or ‘X’ tail whichever would be the pilots preference.

The glider fuselage is very slim but can also be supplied as an electric version, so if you’re not near any slopes it will preform well for flat field thermal flying.

There are three builds available, Standard glass (GFK) which is fine for normal thermal flying and gentle aerobatics, then the Carbon D-box version which will handle more aggressive slope flying and aerobatics, or a full carbon version which is the strongest possible build.

For this model you can buy our transport bag, which gives perfect protection for your model in storage and travel, it comes equipped with shoulder straps so it can be carried like a rucksack, or if you prefer by its handles like a suitcase. More information on these bags can be found in the Accessories section of the web site.