Finesse Max


Finesse Max


The new addition for the 2018 is the ‘Finesse Max’ model, this is suitable for flying on flat fields for thermal activity, or in a stronger version for flying in the mountains and hills in strong lift/winds. This model can also be ordered as a lighter version for F3Q type competitions.

The model excels in gliding flight, and is able through fine-tuning to be a great thermal soarer and in the stronger version with its robust design it can fly at great speeds in strong lift/windy hill soaring conditions

The model is also available with Fluorescent colours for a small extra cost, please ask for details.

The model comes as standard as a glider version, but can be ordered with electric Fuselage. The fuselage is laminated and reinforced with Kevlar and carbon fibres. The wing is always full carbon, but differs in strength and weight for the three different variants.

 Delivery specifications: 

The model can be supplied as follows:

1.      As basic kit - the customer receives finished and painted parts with functional wings and wing flaps, finished painted fuselage with a finished canopy, with the possibility of preparation for the electric version, a finished painted elevator with a functional flap and a finished painted rudder, small mechanical parts, a square carbon wing joiner into which a ballast of 1.1 kg can be placed. Wing servo drive is supplied as standard with the LDS system for Futaba S3173, JR 181, KST or TGY 712. It is possible to order the model without LDS where the servos can drive classic push rod and horns.

2.       Upon request, it is possible to deliver a fully prepared model with all servos fitted including motor, ready to add receiver and battery systems, please ask for price.



Flying weight:

Alpine version: 5140g - acrobatic , flying maximum 200km/h

F3Q competition version/Thermal version: 3900g - with wheel, scale canopy - good for thermal flying and very light acrobatics

Double carbon version : acrobatics and faster flying