Cirrus 6,4m


Cab detail - the model comes with a ready cab. The pilot is not part of the kit.

Movable landing gear installed

The model is also available in a split wing version at an additional cost




Standard Cirrus glider was designed by Klaus Holighausem and flew in March 1969.

This is a standard class glider with a wingspan of 15 m .Company Schmepp -Hirth produced about 700 pieces until 1977 when production of the aircraft ended .

In various licenses glider made yet 1985. All Cirrus models are very popular in Club Class competitions around the world.

The initiator of our model is the design engineer Dr .Petr Stirlen . Model is ideal for classic

thermic flying or very good for acrobatics as well.


Content of the set

  • Fuselage molded in fiberglass/carbon/kevlar gelcoated, completed with retract landing gear installed with doors, linkage and servo (Hitec) ready. Wheel with alu rim.
  • Hollow molded fiberglass/carbon wings (Herex® sandwich) with double-pad mechanic speedbrakes installed, ailerons and flaps ready. Main and secondary spars in carbon.
  • Sturdy rectangular carbon wing joiner.
  • Hollow molded fiberglass/carbon tails, ready.
  • Transparent plastic canopy glued on its fiberglass frame with attachment system ready.
  • Instrument panel, scale interior
  • Hardware (servos tray, servo covers, ball clevises, screws, etc.)