Alcor 3,6m



The Alcor has a wing span of 3.6 meters and has been designed for pilots who like to fly both slope and flat field, this model preforms extremely well in both slope lift and thermals, this model can be set up as a very stable flyer and will centre well in thermals.

The standard build (GFK) is lightweight and can also be fitted with a lightweight motor for competing in The F5J category. For lovers of slope flying and aerobatics we would recommend the stronger versions of this model with a Carbon D-box wing or a Full Carbon model, these heavier and stronger models can also be fitted with a more powerful electric motor, Hacker B50 or Kira 500 which then allows more fun on the flat field.

For this model there is available, wing and tail protection covers made from lined silver foil, as well as for transport protection these help with protection from heat in the sun, you can also buy our transport bag, which gives perfect protection for your model in storage and travel, it comes equipped with shoulder straps so it can be carried like a rucksack, or if you prefer by its handles like a suitcase.

More information on these bags can be found in the Accessories section of the web site.